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  1. Gen 4 Update!

    Future Models
    LMAO That's so funny (and wrong) on so many levels...
  2. What are the consequences of running wheels without TPMS?

    Wheels / Tires
    When you first start the car, the TPMS light will flash for the first 30-45 seconds, then will remain lit. It has no bearing on any other system on your car. I'll even go far as to say that the TPMS light is hardly noticeable after a while. It's not nearly as bright as it was on my '10.
  3. Where to Buy Reverse Light LEDs For 3rd Gens?

    Let me add VLEDS to that list. I purchased all my LED upgrades (front switchbacks, front markers, rear turn signals, backup, and license plate lights) for my 2nd-gen from them. They weren't cheap, but they were as bright (or MUCH brighter) than OEM filament bulbs, and they lasted for over 7...
  4. How much fuel do you put in?

    Newbie Section
    Mazda has a knack for being VERY pessimistic with their fuel gauges. It's more of a liability issue for them than it is any mechanical issue. When the fuel warning goes on, there's usually at least 3 gallons or so left. When the range reaches zero. There's still 2+ gallons left to use. I've...
  5. Tire Noob: Winter Tire sizes question.

    Newbie Section
    I purchased a set of 17" MSW rims with the stock 225/55 size (used) for my winter tire setup, and have had no problems with them. You'll be fine running the stock 17" size, you're well within the 2-3% tolerance between that and the OEM 19" size. You can also get away without buying the TPMS...
  6. How do I center my signature and get HTML - since I am a newbie again.

    Newbie Section
    When you are editing your signature, click directly on the image. A box will show around the image, and a small toolbar will appear. The left-most option should be "alignment". It offers a choice of left-align (which my signature is), none (default), or right-align. You can also insert any...
  7. 2018 Signature seat trim issue

    Models / Trim
    I can see the bracket also, but only if I pull the seat material to the side, like: However, if I leave it alone...:
  8. 2018 Signature seat trim issue

    Models / Trim
    Gotcha! Let me sneak a look at mine and I'll let you know...
  9. 2010 Mazda 6s 3.7L v6 needs power

    Engine / Suspension / Drivetrain
    Besides a CAI, there really isn't much aftermarket for the V6. You could always go the custom route and add your own turbo or supercharger. I've yet to see anyone else do that.
  10. Who else is really NOT liking this forum "upgrade"?

    Best. Response. Ever. [emoji23]
  11. Hurricane Dorian

    My thoughts and prayers are with you guys and any other family/friends down there in Florida. Here's hoping everyone stays safe and sound...
  12. 2nd gen 6 3.7L transmission fluid change HELP

    Newbie Section
    Yes, it was. However, I wasn't ambitious enough to change the ATX fluid myself. I've always had the dealer do it for me.
  13. Who else is really NOT liking this forum "upgrade"?

    For "new" posts, in other words, posts in threads you haven't seen yet: To the right of the search bar, there's a button with an arrow, that shows "popular" when highlighted. Click it, and go to "New Posts". Once the list appears, click on the main title of the thread, and it automatically...
  14. Talk about polishing a TRD...

    Other Cars
    Toyota Camry TRD :sleep: Dear Toyota: Stick to the boring appliances! Stop embarrassing yourselves by trying to make your products "sporty" and for "driving enthusiasts". Leave it to the pros (cough*MAZDA*cough). Sincerely, Earth
  15. Byakuya's 2014 Grand Touring Shiro Shinobi

    Ouch! I'm sorry to see that happen. NOT cool! A suggestion: check with your insurance company. I know that my comprehensive coverage includes road-hazard items, like a rock or tree branch taking out a headlamp. It may be worth it, depending on your deductible... Or, maybe it's time to go...
  16. Question re Key Fob - 3rd Gen "Sport" Trim

    I don't disagree at all with your explanation for the type of fobs, but at least some of the Gen-2 6's were Keyless (push-button) Start. My '10 GT was. It may had depended on the trim level back then...
  17. Why, Mazda? WHY?

    Today is one of those days (89 degrees F, with an index of 99, and the car reads 106 after being parked) that I really, REALLY miss the windows-down from keyfob function that had on my '10. Why, oh wise and wonderful Mazda, did you drop that feature from the 3rd-gen? Correct me if I'm wrong...
  18. clock sometimes comes up 00:00, and other problems

    Newbie Section
    First thing I'd recommend is to take it to the dealer to update the infotainment software. I'll bet about 80% of your issues will pretty much fix themselves with it. Best of all, it's free! [emoji4]
  19. Cylinder Deactivation Recall

    Yet another great reason to spring for the 2.5T...
  20. Will a 2011 headlight fit in the 2010?

    Newbie Section
    The designs between the '09-'10 and the '11-'13 are only different in detail only, the basic shape, bulbs, and mounting points are the same, so they SHOULD be able to swap out. The one thing to keep an eye on is to make sure you get the Halogen housings if you have halogen bulbs, or HID...
1-20 of 186 Results