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  1. What are the consequences of running wheels without TPMS?

    Wheels / Tires
    You'll see a light on the dash so far as I know and, if you don't care about that and check pressure regularly yourself, then you're perfectly fine not running sensors.
  2. September 6OTM Submissions

    6OTM Submissions & Voting
    Bumping this for a final day to get any other entries. Sorry @Cyborg JSK but you might win by default this month.
  3. 2016 6

    Newbie Section
    Welcome to the forum! Congrats on your purchase :)
  4. Where to Buy Reverse Light LEDs For 3rd Gens?

    Just because they're not being used doesn't mean they can't burn out if they're crap quality. It also doesn't mean they aren't deteriorating by being exposed to weather, vibrations, temperature fluctuations, etc, regardless if they're on or not. The 1st gen had a plethora of 194s in it so...
  5. Where to Buy Reverse Light LEDs For 3rd Gens?

    You forget the added risk of that $1 might die in a day and the next 10 might as well (I've seen an entire batch of 30 die after a few hours), then who made the better decision? I typically air on the side of "don't get cheap China LEDs" and I've never had issues. That's why i like going to...
  6. 93BlkOnGreenPro's 2014 M6GT Build Thread: Maxie G

    Yeah, sorry. The link in my signature is currently broken and, because of the new site rules, I can't edit it without removing all other links...... It's a bit messy right now because I have to manually go in and update each link with the proper thread title, and I haven't gotten around to all...
  7. 93BlkOnGreenPro's 2014 M6GT Build Thread: Maxie G

    Keep up the good work man! I have no idea why (until like 2 minutes ago) I hadn't added this to my 1 stop shop under ride threads. You've put a ton of effort into the car and, while airbags aren't my thing, I appreciate and respect the amount and quality of work you've done!
  8. Where to Buy Reverse Light LEDs For 3rd Gens?

    Cheap bulbs are exactly that, cheap. Some people run DDMTuning HIDs that last years and years, others have them die in a month. Some people get plate lights for $0.50 and they last a year or two, some last a day. It's a total crapshoot when you don't pay for quality. That's why DD and...
  9. Where to Buy Reverse Light LEDs For 3rd Gens?

    I've been running the DiodeDynamics ones for about 4 years now because they sent me some asking to do a review of them - have to say that they've lasted perfectly this entire time and are bright as anything. If the price doesn't scare you aware, you'd really like them. You can see my review...
  10. 2014 Mazda 6 Headlight (w/ DRL) Assembly part number

    Newbie Section
    Hey @ecport If you've got the Grand Touring, then you don't have Halogen and need to get the HID-specific ones. Here ya go: Drivers: GJS151041C Passenger: GJS151031C Unfortunately, good luck finding one that doesn't come with everything including (HID, leveling, etc) that costs under $500...
  11. August 6OTM Winner

    As part of the forum revision, they had to remove custom badges for the time being. They're working on setting something else up for us for the future (from what I've been told). I'll be sad if my custom badges can't be used on this site anymore :(
  12. 2 quick questions

    3.0L V6
    I wager @DrFeelGood knows the trans Allen wrench size.
  13. New Mazda 6 owner.

    Newbie Section
    Welcome to the forum!!! Unless the EU/AU models differ (they might, and I don't know about diesel), the 6 comes with a timing chain in all engines and generations.
  14. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    Sorry, not to change subject but just want to inject a couple things I realized and wanted to leave the feedback. Can we please have some sort of BB code or something to allow for text formatting? Things look so much better if you're able to do more than just Bold, Underline, or Italic. Also...
  15. September 6OTM Submissions

    6OTM Submissions & Voting
    Hello Mazda6Club Members! Submissions for 6OTM are now OPEN! I encourage anyone who wants to show off their 6 to participate. The more, the merrier! The Rules: The Ride of the Month team will put up a thread on the 1st of each month Submissions will be accepted until the 15th of each...
  16. August 6OTM Winner

    May 6OTM Winner Goes to @ian16th ! Congratulations!!
  17. Cyborg JSK's 2012 Mazda 6i

    Holy cow I had wondered where you had gone. Welcome back and nicely done!
  18. How much fuel do you put in?

    Newbie Section
    "Zero" as indicated by your fuel gauge isn't anywhere near zero because it doesn't report 1-2 gallons of "reserve" fuel that Mazda specifically doesn't want you to know about so you can't complain to them if the car were to ever run out BEFORE 0. There was a thread on here that I remember...
  19. Tire Noob: Winter Tire sizes question.

    Newbie Section
    My bad - definitely took it as you saying going smaller rim diameter would be detrimental. XD
  20. Does anyone know the power of the 2014-2017.5 Mazda 6 with FBO and a tune?

    I have been keeping an eye on you and, while you're free to voice your opinion in the matter you choose, you're not free to disrespect the members of this board while I'm still around. This is not your typical forum in that regard, and I plan to keep it that way. You may continue to post on...
1-20 of 186 Results