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  1. Delete factory antitheft

    Electrical / HVAC
    Still installing this megasquirt 2, major pain in my ass. I Wana run the factory PCM for throttle by wire anyone know if there's a way to delete the anti theft now that I have my sensor wires hooked up?
  2. 2.3L ECU Pinout diagram

    2.3L I-4
    The great Google has failed me and the manual doesn't have a pin out chart for ECM/PCM/ECU. Does anyone know where I can get a Wiring Diagram for the 2004 2.3L L3VE. My mega squirt 2 is mounted in the glove box and I want to tap into existing wiring for engine control and leave the rest of the...
  3. Bought a beat up 06 Mazda6s grand touring

    Newbie Section
    Well the story actually goes like this bought car from dad, 12K miles later stock motor runs out of compression. Boom, time for rebuild Rebuild #1 Bore, pistons, Rods, Stock crank, New china oil pump (Duh you're 16 do whatever you want), oil pump regulator falls apart into oil pan BOOM...
  4. Megasquirt 2 Install thread

    Electrical / HVAC
  5. November 6OTM Submissions

    6OTM Submissions & Voting
    13 Years Later In this first picture, that's my dad 13 years ago when he bought the car. and that little guy next to him? that's me at 4 years old
  6. Metalic Rattle From 04 ATX

    ATX Transmission Discussion
    I Would just do what Tom's turbo garage does on Youtube and cut up my mom's cutting board and re-firm them but just got out of a year long relationship so I suppose I can afford anything I want now ;). My car might be a bitch but at least it won't break my heart
  7. Metalic Rattle From 04 ATX

    ATX Transmission Discussion
    My Passenger side motor mount was COMPLETELY shot and I replaced that and the sound persisted I checked the dog bone mount and it seemed of quality but what you said makes TOO much sense as I can feel the motor move and there's a heavy click often when I shift which I originally dismissed as my...
  8. Metalic Rattle From 04 ATX

    ATX Transmission Discussion
    Hey all, recently finished my motor rebuild and have been loving driving it. however it makes a horrendous knocking noise after the transmission is either A: put in to a gear such as reverse or drive (Instant loud knock) B: the car warms up and slowly a loud knock develops I've rebuilt my...
  9. Forged internals 2.3L Runs and drives

    2.3L I-4
    it blew the fuck up 29X miles of glory sticking to the road and feeling better than i ever have feeling achievement bewilderment and pleasure was ended by a faulty oil pump, it fucking fell apart while i was driving and killed my rod bearings, well lah de dah isn't that wonderful... getting in...
  10. The end of the beginning

    Pistons are in! Finally got my pistons installed, link to insta video as you can see they move freely and are SEXY as can be, next I'm waiting for a replacement oil pump because the one I got has a bent shaft and when torqued down doesn't even move
  11. world for hurt

    Newbie Section
    wah? how? absolutely intrigued...
  12. Car guy social media! (Wheel Well)

    Anyone else try this out? I've been having a blast personally, and there are quite a few other 6's on there so thought I'd ask if anyone on this fourm was about it. SHAMELESSLY THROWING MY SHARE URL HERE Btw not paid to do this, I just love the site
  13. Gauge Cluster Mod

    After being bored waiting for shipping I ended up modding my cluster @mmceorange did a great wright up I liked the concept of it but it was a little too bare bones for me so I kept some features tell me what ya think EDIT [all my lights are on because I have no engine or transmission in...
  14. I was quoted $250 for plastidip anthracite wheels

    Wheels / Tires
    This is my 2nd attempt at plasti dipping my hood, I was able to pull off the 1st one with nothing but gas and my hands.
  15. The end of the beginning

    Filed my piston rings a bit too wide... $28 for another kit just a matter of waiting for shipping now... I hate being 16 and fucking everything up...
  16. New2Forum

    Newbie Section
    Welcome! what mods are you into? aesthetic? power? DIY? would love to hear and see pics
  17. hows everyone doing

    Newbie Section
    you can buy adhesion spray on stuff to hold up the headliner, as for $500 in brake rotors and spark plugs that's your own fault. I can get a set of "performance" brake rotors and ceramic pads for $160 and spark plugs are as easy as it gets and should never be more than $40... ball joint is $40...
  18. Engine Swap?

    Newbie Section
    My 4 banger lasted 204K till it spit a ring out. I ended up boring it out and getting the crank polished and bought some forged eagle rods and forged wiesco 8.8:1 (can't stress enough how amazingly sexy they are...) If you truly love these cars create your Frankenstein's monster make it yours...
  19. Wink in my 1st gen

    Interior Modifications
    Installed a wink mirror because well... uhh... hmmm... Installed flawless. just had to delete the sun visors and it literally bolted into place. I used the factory screws that went into the mounting plate so it's revertible when I end up hating it Plan on making some covers for the holes out of...
  20. Suggested Tires for Sport 17"

    Wheels / Tires
    Continental extreme contacts, DWS, grip up HARD and are about $650 for a set
1-20 of 448 Results