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  1. OE Mazdaspeed 6 Wheels and Toyo Tires

    Wheels & Tires
    When able to comply with buy sell rules you may edit your post.
  2. Speed6 bumpy\choppy acceleration

    Speed6 Engine/Drivetrain
    Thanks , plugs are only 50k old so I wasn't thinking them but is easier than taking the manifold off. I'll take a look.
  3. Speed6 bumpy\choppy acceleration

    Speed6 Engine/Drivetrain
    Hey Guys, Searched the forums for anything like this and couldn't find anything. Sorry if I missed it and this is a repost. To start - 2007 Speed 6, stock setup. I've been driving her for the past 4 years (179 000 kms on it now total) and have noticed for the past 6 months that the...
  4. OEM Mazda 17" on Speed 6 for Snows??

    Speed6 Suspension/Chassis
    Haha...thanks a lot guys, just wanted to check it out. I had a set of 18's for my snows and managed to dent the shit out of them so I'm in need of new ones for next winter. I do love the the idea of a second vehicle unfortunately that damn money thing keeps getting in the way :P
  5. OEM Mazda 17" on Speed 6 for Snows??

    Speed6 Suspension/Chassis
    Hey Guys, Sorry if this is already answered somewhere else but I couldn't find it anywhere on the forums in my searching. Anyone know if the OEM mazda 17" alloys fit on the Speed6? Looking at a set to use for some winter rims. Thanks, Snowtrax
  6. Is getting a mazdaspeed six worth it?

    Why the 6?
    I got mine used off lease and was lucky that it has never appeared to have been abused (other than by myself on occasion) and I've been quite happy with her. Only problem I've had was the need to clean out the EGR which is an easy fix once you get down to it, even in October in Canada. Like any...
  7. 225\45 fitment on Speed6

    Thanks guys! Always a great community for a quick answer.
  8. 225\45 fitment on Speed6

    Hey All, I hope that I'm not repeating another thread here. If there is, shame be unto me and someone please post the link. Does anyone know if the 225\45 tires will fit on stock Speed6 rims without mods to fender or anything else. Looking for direct fitment here. Thanks
  9. Cold Weather Idling High and Rough

    Engine / Drivetrain
    Sure sounds like like cold weather. The engine will automatically idle higher to help warm itslef up and as for not stoping as easily there very well could have been ice on your rotors, or the simple fact that the brake fluid would be thicker because of the cold temperatures it takes more to...
  10. Is this sign of bad starter?

    3.0L V6
    Does the engine crank and it just doesn't start? If it's cranking and sounding normal but not starting I wouldn't think that it's the starter or anything electrical. Could be fuel delivery if that's the case, maybe the fuel filter at that many miles on the car if it hasn't been changed. If I'm...
  11. Grinding noise

    ATX Transmission Discussion
    Check your power steering fluid. I was getting a grind from mine that I only really noticed in the cold. I've got a leak somewhere and the seals must have shrank that bit more and accellerated it with the cold weather. You can check by sitting somewhere parked with the engine running and turning...
  12. Wondering If LED Reflectors Fit

    Ya, I've been looking for a while because I have wanted auxilliary backup lights that fit in there since I got the car. My last car had them and I find backing into the dark parking lot at work in the morning or in the driveway or anywhere that little bit easier with a little more light being...
  13. Wondering If LED Reflectors Fit

    HAHA, I hear ya, between the ice storm and snow over here in Ontario I've been having a blast! DSC Off and my wife yelling from the passanger seat (but secretly loving every second of it by the grin on her face :lol:)
  14. Wondering If LED Reflectors Fit

    Thank's Knupsel. Stay warm out there!
  15. Wondering If LED Reflectors Fit

    Hey Guys and Gals, Anyone know if these reflector replacement LED Brake and Backup Lights fit the Speed 6? Looks like they are the same but confirmation would be nice, even for only 28 bucks. 2X Clear Lens Rear Bumper Reflector LED Backup Tail Brake Light Atenza MAZDA6 M6 | eBay Thanks, Snowtrax
  16. Vibration pass 60mph

    Speed6 Suspension/Chassis
    If you've been sliding around in a nice snowy parking lot lately, the wheel rims could be packed with snow, happens to me all the times since my snow tires are alloys with a nice big shelf. Thought I had thrown a weight last winter, but when I looked in at my rims, one of them was packing with...
  17. Winter is coming!

    Show and Shine
    I've looked around a little as I still have to find some myself. I'm probably going to end up going to Canadian tire our somewhere like that and pick up genetic ones so I don't pay an arm and a leg for them
  18. Winter is coming!

    Show and Shine
    In Canada so if I can get to them all...3M clear skin on fron bumper, mud flaps installed, coolant flush, snow tires and of course my regular check everthing over end to end and re-load the trunk with all the get the hell outta a snow bank stuff
  19. What does everyone do for a living?

    Manufacturing Engineer (Mechanical Specialty) at a Large international manufacturing company in Canada making very large machines.
  20. Need Opinions on White Walls

    Ideas for Mazda?
    Looks kinda cool to me. I wouldn't do it on mine, but with the black wagon I can't say I hate it. But like others have said, it's your car do what you like with it
1-20 of 73 Results