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  1. RIP Mazda6Tech

    Fear not, it'll be back!! Nealio is the man!
  2. 03-06 Mazda 6 Rear Bumper LED Reflector

    Ok, well just lemme know if you want to use the car, City of Industry is not very far.
  3. 03-06 Mazda 6 Rear Bumper LED Reflector

    What part of Cali are you in? I'm in SoCal (Inland Empire) Have a 04 Wagon you can test fit them on. FYI: The reflectors fit all years, the only difference is the 03-05 reflectors point up and the 06-08 point down. (Put the right one on the left side and the left one on the right side)
  4. Hertz ZHZ Corvette....

    Other Cars
    QUOTE (triplejumper18 @ Jun 24 2008, 09:47 AM) Ok techincally yes. But they are still avilable as options. I was more impressed with the Shelby as far as upgrades go.
  5. Glacier Silver 6's

    It would be nice to somehow graft the lower half of the MS6 bumper to the wagon bumper in a very visually appealing way, as to stay with the speedwagon theme. But Jen does not like the look of it... After looking at Awongs pics above...i wonder how the facelift sport rear bumper would look? I...
  6. R1 Concept Brake Rotors

    Suspension / Brakes
    Any slotted rotor will add to pad wear, but certainly nothing major. I have their rotors on both a Mazda3 and a Mazda6 and pad wear is perfectly normal for slotted rotors.
  7. Hertz ZHZ Corvette....

    Other Cars
    Nothing special really...badges and a paint job. Nothing you can't get on a non-hertz vette. But still fun to drive it like ya stole it.
  8. Socal guys/girls wanna meet?

    hehehe, right on man. I know you wouldn't miss a track day!
  9. interior in OC

    Pacific have a sedan right? ...I was thinking you had the hatch. Don't think the rear seatbacks have the same latch system in the sedan. I also forgot the wagon's got front seat airbags. Oh well...
  10. Socal guys/girls wanna meet?

    It's a date! lol The best thing i like about the wagon is that it doesn't even look custom. Ppl don't even notice. But those that know do a double take with that WTF look on their face :huh: Actually, there was a good turnout of 6's at Hugh's in Feb....funny, i didn't see your car there...
  11. interior in OC

    Hrmmm, the wagon has a grey interior... make that 3 ppl for the whole deal. Maybe we can check it out at the beach meet? or is that too late?
  12. Socal guys/girls wanna meet?

    QUOTE (explorecaves @ Jun 17 2008, 09:49 PM) No shit...same B-day as me...w00t :laugh: QUOTE (6jen @ Jun 17 2008, 11:05 PM) Let's do it!
  13. HELP: cannot see replies, settin' problem?

    Newbie Section
    Look for the grey *options* button to the far right in the blue subject title headline of the first post. Directly under *Add Reply* and *New Topic* select *standard* from the drop down menu.
  14. WTB : SS Brake Lines

    Want To Buy
    The mushy feel may be from the fluid boiling and producing air pockets. Bleed the brakes and see how it feels. If ya still want SS lines i can get them for you. PM sent.
  15. Mission: Metallica

    Dude, that is exactly what i'd expect a *radio metal* fan to say. You're not ready for real metal. and WTF are you talking about...the ppl who say the first 4 albums are good, ARE THE ONES WHO WERE LISTENING TO THEM...DUH! These are the same fans that gave up on them when the black album came...
  16. Mission: Metallica

    My bad... fuck em all, except for Cliff Burton.
  17. BigBen wins SCC Letter of the month

    I offered ES 4 cars for as along as they needed to make bushings, bastards never did anything about it... Mazda3, Speed3, Mazda6 and the Speed6. Couldn't even bother to return my calls. Congrats on the letter, but i'd use the bushings to toss at the loud ass dog nextdoor. (i like animals, i...
  18. Mission: Metallica

    no respect for ghey sellouts...Metallica should be stripped of thier name, they don't deserve the *metal*. fuck em all
  19. Use 6tech.

    Community Help
    Thanks man. Yes, we have been in discussions about this for sometime now, but it's a huge project and we haven't had the time needed to devote to it as we'd hoped or liked. It will happen, just needs time to work it all.
  20. TEIN Basic coilover installation tips??

    Suspension / Brakes
    Everybody has an RSB and endlinks ;) No difference in install time beit OEM or aftermarket (unless to SOB's are rusted or seized) A lift is nice to have for sure, but driveway jackstands are all thats really necessary.
1-20 of 244 Results