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  1. The Great Mazda Mountain Climb 2015

    Due to the pace of the event many of us have opted to stay at a "hotel" The seasons. With the rapid pace of things we wanted the group to be centralized for final plans and prep. There maybe one or 2 people camping but im not sure.
  2. Given a 2004 Mazda 6 i

    Its not this good anymore. I will be pulling it all and redip.
  3. NEMAC BBQ/Pool Party

    New England
  4. The Great Mazda Mountain Climb 2015

    Hey GG This is the white mountains more places to camp than go shopping or cell signals. Find a Campground in New Hampshire This is one of the best sites to find camping spots that are more like KOAs than remote tenting. We will be staying at the seasons in Barlet, NH. Many local campsite...
  5. 2003 6i motor mounts

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    yea im trying to book a saturday, and bring beer.
  6. 2003 6i motor mounts

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    i got 88 duro for dogbone, and its like boss loud. Its like racecar :P not really but its a ton louder. Still have 2 more mounts to switch ran out of lift time, hoping to knock em in this weekend.
  7. My new Daily driver!

    Other Cars
    You will be happy it wont crash.
  8. Bye Bye 6 Hello PU

    Other Mazdas
    my dailybeater 2.3 just needs to last me a few more years until new speedline release. So i can either trade in the 3.0 funrevilval or the 2.3 deailybeater. cant wait. either a new awd speed3 or the speed6. its gonna come down to space and needs at the time.
  9. idling rough and bucking while driving?

    2.3L I-4
    My car had issues with this bucking issue from first to 2nd, it would be such a hard slam. I swapped out my RMM and it reduced it 10 fold. I have 2 other mounts to change out, and im hoping it will resolve this. I will go check my o2 sensor as well to see if it will help with the other part...
  10. 2014 19" GT OEM Wheels and Tires 7k miles good condition

    Wheels & Tires
    Hey you still have a mazda? I see you are in malden, im over in chelsea.
  11. Hi! I was wondering if I can get some advices here!

    Newbie Section
    My car had a slip feeling, i swapped out my RMM to a AWR. I have the other 2 motor mounts to get tossed in when i can get time @ the shop.
  12. December 6OTM Winner

    Its called Blurple. Its a royal purple and royal blue mixed.
  13. american racing casino wheels

    Wheels / Tires
    how did i miss this, i picked up a set almost free after gas. Not sure what i want to do with em. THinking PCem as chrome is not my thang
  14. 2.5G power potential

    2.5L I-4
    this sounds like a zoom zoom boom moment eminent.
  15. December 6OTM Winner

    yeay go me! thanks for all the votes everyone.
  16. December 6OTM Voting

    6OTM Submissions & Voting
    Thanks for the votes everyone. Good race thanks for everything! finally 2 years of running. She wins.
  17. New to the Mazda world

    Newbie Section
    hello, nice pickup. welcome to the New England area mazda scene. Hope to see you around.
  18. Vote in the Reader’s Choice Car of the Year Awards

    Frontpage News
    lol no mazda6 and was posted in the 6 area. At least they could have put up the gen3 which is winning awards left and right.
  19. NEM6 "Winterization" Meet

    New England
    i did a bunch of stuff as well. Fixed some bad connections on my lower fogs, wired in upper fogs, fogs fogs fogs for everyone. Got my drl bulbs in again. then i did something else but forgot. I got my winters on last saturday with colin @ the shop. I found out all 3 of my motor mounts were...
  20. December 6OTM Voting

    6OTM Submissions & Voting
    Yea i would love to keep it shiny and blurple but ive been hit in the doors. my canoe banged the roof, and the car has seen better days. Its my truck now.
1-20 of 191 Results