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  • Zeffer ·
    Hey Brad,

    Cool to hear that you've got some mods going. To be honest I only really work on my own car these days. I'd be happy to offer advice though. You can access the high beam, headlight, and foglight bulbs without jacking up the car. Just requires removal of the mudguard/splash shield which are just pins and screws. Easy peasy. The exhaust is also simple. I think 14mm bolts, two of them, and then prying the hangars off. Slide old exhaust out, new exhaust in.

    Unfortunately one cannot upgrade bulbs beyond brightness and color. LED bulb upgrades are easy too, as it's just a bulb swap and scotch-locking on the resistors. LEDs should only be in the brake lights, turns, and reverse, and never forward facing lights.

    Brad McAllister ·
    Hi Zeffer, where do you live in Florida? Do you do work on other Mazda's? I want to pay someone to upgrade my bulbs and add fog lamps and some other minor mod work ... I am in Orlando and also have a crystal blue '16 A/T. I have painted the engine cover and added the Corksport oil cap; I have also had interior lighting installed and two 12" diamond series subs fitted in the trunk. Windows tinted at 35%. I want to get the lights done and possibly exhaust as well before moving to the rims/tires.

    Thanks, Brad.
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