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  • Caliche ·
    Cool, I found it and removed it (about the paddle shifters, correct?). Again, sorry about that VWGT, it was totally by error. I have big hands and sometimes when using my smartphone touch-screen to zoom-in I inadvertently select or de-select something. Most of the time I catch the error and correct it right away, this time I totally missed it. I'm too old (47) to play those groan games anyway, so I hope you're cool with me. Again, my apologies, nothing to groan at about your opinion. Thanks again for letting me know.

    Caliche ·
    Oh dude, what groan? I'm sorry, did not know or realize I had groaned at you. I may have inadvertently hit the button with my finger as I always read and reply using my cell phone. Which conversation was it, so I can go and remove it? So sorry about that, I never groan at anyone. Please let me know. Thanks!
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