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  • Tushar More ·

    Horn17 told me to contact you about some parts I needed for my Mazda 6 Touring. Recently someone hit me while they were pulling out of a parking spot (my car was parked) and they removed the cap and a part of the right mirror housing.

    My mazda dealership told me that I would have to replace the entire housing which according to them would cost:

    GJS169121F HOUSING $150.00
    GHP9691N1A62 CAP $35.00

    That plus 14.80 tax is coming out to 199.80.

    It's a 2014 Mazda 6 Touring in Soul Red.

    If you would be able to help me or give me any advice that would be greatly appreciated. My dealer told me if I could show them the part was being sold cheaper at another certified/authorized mazda parts store or dealer then they would price match for me.

    Thanks a ton,

    Nprguymc ·
    your car is gorgeous love the tint, aftermarket rims are stellar could see an after market spoiler looking sweet on it :)
    MWM6 ·
    Hello Sonic!
    I need an overhead sunglass/overhead console for my non sunroof '05M6i. Can you help? I looked on fleabay, I only found scratches, sun damage etc. do you have a lead on one that is in great shape? Also looking for a stubby antennae as the long fishing pole on mine is broken. Reminds me of the Orange bicycle flags from my childhood!
    Thank you!
    KPW ·
    Hi Chris,
    I got your information from Stephen (Byakuya from Mazda 6 forums). I just move from Chicago to New Haven few months ago and am not familiar with this area. Would you mind to suggest me some good auto shop in New Haven area? There is a Mazda dealer in Handem, I went there once but not really like people there.


    Emew ·
    What a lame visitor message I left that I'm fairly certain I intended to have a as a private message. Over-written!
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