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  1. Looking for egotistical small-dick men?

    QUOTE (triplejumper18 @ Jun 20 2008, 09:24 AM) not yet they interviewed 6 of us and said they would be making calls mid next week
  2. Looking for egotistical small-dick men?

    QUOTE (triplejumper18 @ Jun 19 2008, 05:02 PM) well murrary is not a mazdaspeed dealer so they cant get any mazdaspeed accessories. yeah i was fired for going on another job interview for a job that pays $20k more a year and is no way in competition with our dealership. my boss said i must...
  3. Install day/dyno/BBQ @ Unichip in Portland

    Pacific Northwest
    This was done at fast specialties in vancouver on a mustang dyno
  4. Install day/dyno/BBQ @ Unichip in Portland

    Pacific Northwest
    well they are offering a GB type deal, the ms3 is not plug and play yet so the speed6 might be more. they are trying to get units out there asap so people can say yeah this is killer and help sell them. this would all be done at unichip in hillsbouro
  5. Tint in Oregon

    Pacific Northwest
    you might check out tommy's window tinting in portland they do all of our cars, he does work for the blazers and offers lifetime warranty. 915 SE 12th Ave Portland, OR 97214 (503) 963-8468
  6. Ok bye guys.....
    Yeah that sucks! pretty crappy to see someone get fired.
  7. Anniversary RX-8 and RX-8 GT (Mazdaspeed)

    Other Mazdas
    We sold the RX-8 With all those accessories on it finally!! i have those wheels on my speed3 i love them!
  8. Portland International Raceway Grand Reopening

    Pacific Northwest
    trevor what did you run last night?
  9. Mazdaspeed Blowout!!!

    I Just went and lowered all out Mazdaspeed parts so check them out! click the mazdaspeed banner than mazda6 :) also i will beat anyones price so there is no reason not to order :yesnod:
  10. About Us....

    when you go to the site click on the mazdaspeed banner on the right then either speed6 or mazda6
  11. About Us....

    Thanks! did you move yet? hope all is well
  12. Sorry...

    Hey i just wanted to say sorry for not being around i have been super busy with work and buying a car and damn doctors! I picked up a Speed3 thursday this thing is amazing! i will try to be on these boards more often and please aby questions feel free to email me [email protected]
  13. About Us....

    yeah its crazy!
  14. Meet @ Ron Tonkin Mazda

    Pacific Northwest
    yeah with it being a huge success i will look to do this again we actually had more than were on the list show up and i thought we would have people dropping out great times and please anyone that took pics post them up
  15. Meet @ Ron Tonkin Mazda

    Pacific Northwest
    thanks for all that showed up!