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  1. 6-Disc CD-Changer Stopped working suddenly.

    In Car Electronics
    I still have the 2003 Mazda6 I purchased back in October 2003 and it's running exactly like it was when it was new. It didn't come with a 6-disc CD-Changer, but I was able to buy one from a 6-clubber about 3.5 years ago. I installed it myself no problems and it's worked just fine; until today...
  2. Best product to use on our dashboard?

    Show and Shine
    QUOTE (kermit504 @ May 28 2008, 09:28 AM) I use that. I like it alot. It gives a minimal shine and protects the interior nicely. I don;t like too much of a shine since I live in Florida and it's nearly always sunny, so glare would kill me! Meguiars is always good stuff. Don;t use Armorall...
  3. Glacier Silver 6's

    2003 Mazda 6i. Bought it brand new, still looks new :) Just hit 50k miles!
  4. Anyone in Estero / Bonita Springs /Naples?

    I have see a whole bunch of 6's around here, but never have I seen anyone on the boards around here! So if you live in South Ft Myers, Estero, Naples or Bonita Springs, post here! :P
  5. Mazdasummerpalooza 2008, July 20th: Clearwater FL

    I -may- go, depending on how rediculous gas prices go. about a 2 hour drive for me.
  6. Good dealers

    New England
    I originally bought my car on the Auto Mile from Mazda Gallery in Mass, not too far from Boston. I don't remember the guys name but I got an amazing deal when I purchased my 6. I have to say they did everything I asked them to do and the salesman actually brought up two 500$ rebates to my...
  7. HELP!!!!

    2.3L I-4
    QUOTE (its rayden @ May 31 2008, 02:30 AM) I agree. It's either been thrown out of alignment real bad or you bent something. Let's hope it's just an alignment. Also... depending on ow hard you hit the curb, you may want to check for cracks in your rims. Not saying there will be but it's...
  8. 2003 Mazda 6i photo shoot 5-29-08

    Thanks all :) QUOTE (virtual @ May 30 2008, 01:12 PM) The colors are different in the picture of the back because that was actually in a parking garage with high white lights. The other two are at the Design Center, which had more yellow-ish lights. Lighting changes a picture completely :)...
  9. 2003 Mazda 6i photo shoot 5-29-08

    Sooooo I got bored today and I have this really nice camera... I decided to take some pictures at this brand new building near me that's got awesome lighting and architecture. 2003 Mazda 6i w/ Sports body Kit (from the factory that way!) 50k miles on it as of last week. I didn't take many but...
  10. 6i wi factory fogs??

    I have a 2003 6i that actually came from the factory with the sports body kit on it. I bought the NA Fog lights in a group buy and they look sweet. (just taken tonight actually! 50k miles on it. Fogs work great)
  11. Questions about spark plugs.

    Engine / Drivetrain
    Ok, Ok, I know some people are going to say "Search for it nub" or something along those lines, but there should be a sticky for this! What are the STOCK spark plugs for a 2003 6i 2.3L? When should you replace them, given all normal maintainence? Should you replace them at XX,XXX mileage...
  12. So I officially did the airbox mod today and...

    2.3L I-4
    Awesome. Now all I need is my exhaust to come in next week and i'll be crankin :P
  13. So I officially did the airbox mod today and...

    2.3L I-4
    Well after doing the full airbox mod (pulling the plate out of the bottom, taking off the tuba and removing the flap, then putting it back together... I noticed that wow the engine is considerably louder than stock when at high RPMs and sounds deeper. Is this normal? lol.
  14. I dont know guys.....

    SouthCentral / Southwest
    As much as I wanted the V6 when I got my car, I can say i'm hella glad I got the 4cylinder. This gas price rising has got to stop :(
  15. Tire Rack Is Awesome

    Consumer Reviews
    I bought my rims / tires through Tire Rack. I priced them out elsewhere and tire Rack was atleast 150$ cheaper for the whole package. Not only that but the tires were balanced and mounted perfectly. All I had to do was put em on!