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  • mattk_r ·
    Hi, I'm interested in getting a tune for my '15 6 GT ATX.

    My ECU sticker has the following:
    PY8G 18 881A
    E6T64581H1 4Y06/0005

    To verify - the software is ecuEdit or mazdaEdit? mazdaEdit has a lite and personal version, where the eduEdit has different names (standard/Pro/ProExt). Just verifying because your post lists ecuEdit but the software site doesn't jive.


    cibersay ·
    Alright, tell me more about the E85 Tune. I thought if the engine wasn't meant to handle it, tune won't be enough and you'll sacrifice reliability. Am I wrong?

    Also, if tuned for E85 how will 93 gas affect it if I'm taking a road trip and can't find any E85 stations around for example?
    ballsy ·
    Dumb question, if I'm gonna be tuned for 93 octane I'm guessing I have to have that octane in the engine once I start data logging? And so forth for each Octane I want to be tuned for?
    NWstern ·

    I really appreciate your work, and have only now just seen these threads. I have a '14 mazda6 Sport (ATX) that I would love to get a little more power out of. I wasn't able to determine from the threads how to check compatibility with my ECU. Pretty much sold if it is compatible.


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