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  1. Kumho Ecsta Supra 711 tires - bald after 16k miles

    Wheels / Tires
    The Kumho Ecsta Supra 711's that I had installed when I got my new wheels are now pretty much bald. The tire shop said they were down to 2/32s. Is this normal for a tire with ~16k miles on them? Seems pretty short to me. I've never been to the track and don't drive like a total crazy person...
  2. what do you use to clean your cloth interior?

    Show and Shine
    My beige interior looks horrible right now due to stains left from automotive cloth cleaners. I used fabreeze on a spot on my front passenger seat and now theres a big 3" circular stain from the cleaner! I tried using a wet carpet cleaner and it made it worse! How do I get these spots out? I've...
  3. non-sport package 6's unite!

    The wheels are Sacchi S6's. I got them from Here is a direct link.
  4. wtb: OEM beige leather

    I am looking to buy OEM beige leather seats. If you upgraded to aftermarket leather, I want to buy your seats! E-mail me if you or someone you know has them. e-mail: [email protected]
  5. non-sport package 6's unite!

    I wanna see some pics of people's Mazda 6's without the Sport Package. I'll go first:
  6. Pics from install meet (1.29.05)

    :drool: that's so hot! :love:
  7. Brake moaning gone now but...

    Suspension / Brakes
    i was experiencing the same brake whining problem. Lithia Mazda in Fresno, CA had no problem fixing the problem even though I have aftermarket 17"s wheels. They replaced the front pads and discs.
  8. fender rolling in fresno, CA (NorCAL)

    I am looking for a place to roll my fenders in the Fresno, CA area (NorCal). I have called quite a few placed and they don't seem to know what the heck i'm talking about. Anybody know of a decent place that can do it? How about renting the machine?
  9. WTB: Set of 4 OEM 16" steel wheels

    I have 4 steel wheels without tires and the Mazda wheel covers. I'm in Fresno, CA. Give me an offer if you are interested: [email protected]
  10. ideas for katzkins leather for Redfire 6

    Interior Modifications
    I am looking into getting my beige cloth replaced with Katzkins custom leather interior. I am not sure which color combo will best compliment by current interior carpets which are a beige color. I would love to do black, but I don't think it will constrast well. What color combos do you think...
  11. what tire pressure are you running at?

    Wheels / Tires
    The tires are rated at 87H
  12. what tire pressure are you running at?

    Wheels / Tires
    I have aftermarket 17" wheels with 215/45/17 on my 6i. I normally run at about 30psi but I took my car in to get the tires rotated and they set the tire pressure down to 22psi. The car did not feel right at this pressure especially driving on the highway. I swear I could smell burnt rubber...
  13. whining sound when pulling into parking stall

    Suspension / Brakes
    im hearing this whining sound coming from the front of my 6 when Im pulling into a parking spot at low speeds. My foot is on the break when doing this. My first thought was it was my breaks, but it only happens when doing low speed turning. I've always noticed this, but its gotten alot worse...
  14. THING 4 sale.......

    are you selling all the seats, or just the seat covers? got any pics of the seats?
  15. How much did you spend on your car audio/video ???

    In Car Electronics
    I didn't spend as much as some of you guys, but I think what I have is pretty decent: 2 12" Planet Audiosubs Custom box Concept 800watt amp 4 guage wire labor --------------------- $430.00