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  • mohammad83 ·
    Hi there! Question: did your illuminated grill come standard as part of your GT package, or did you have to also include the Technology Package?
    That illuminated grill looks sweet!
    mifannning ·
    Hi Tony

    Thanks for the feedback. You're right about the door handles; never read any complaints on the forum. A bit strange.

    Great to hear the nav works well. I have an outboard system here in France and can't wait to get an installed system.

    All best, Michael
    mifannning ·
    Hi Tony,

    This is Michael Fanning, who lives in France but is returning to the U.S.A. in May, at which point I will pick up my 2016 6GT with tech and most other goodies. I really, really liked your review and photos.

    I read the review today by Jim Healey of USA Today who had very few gripes about the car. He complained about what he termed "cheap exterior door handles," for example. Do you notice this issue? Also he said the navigation was still dodgy but apparently Mazda sent him a video explaining how to better use it. Any problems from your end?

    All in all, these are very minor issues and his overall review echoes a number of other reviewers who love this car. I can't wait to get behind the wheel.

    I am not competent to do the Escort wiring tricks you did but I will be all ears for other reviews by you on this car.

    Kind regards, Michael
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