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  1. Occasional No Start Issue

    2.3L I-4
    What fixed your issue? I'm having a similar one.
  2. Bose Stereo Controls Malfunctioning

    In Car Electronics
    Hi all, I've had my head unit in and out of the car a lot lately as I chased down a problem with my A/C controls (cable getting hung up under the dash). I fixed the A/C issue, only to have my stereo controls go haywire later. The two surely aren't related but I must have broken something or...
  3. 2003 6i ATX - noise diagnosis

    ATX Transmission Discussion
    Tranny fluid looks nice and clean. Bright red on a paper towel.
  4. 2003 6i ATX - noise diagnosis

    ATX Transmission Discussion
    Hi all, My 2003 6i (156k on it) has developed a faint but noticeable noise coming from the passenger side. I can't figure out where the source is. It gradually grows louder up until maybe 45mph, but on the highway the noise is drowned out by highway noise (to give an idea of how faint it is)...
  5. AudioLink iPod/iPhone Intergration Cable for Gen 1

    Excellent. Paypal $10 and your shipping address to: <my 6club username> @
  6. AudioLink iPod/iPhone Intergration Cable for Gen 1

    Bump. $10 shipped to get this thing out of my garage. Not that it's taking up much space, I just want it gone.
  7. AudioLink iPod/iPhone Intergration Cable for Gen 1

    As a matter of fact I had this installed in a Speed 6 for some time. Works just fine. It doesn't have bluetooth but it's perfect for a simple way to play & control tunes on your phone from your stereo (works with steering wheel controls too).
  8. AudioLink iPod/iPhone Intergration Cable for Gen 1

    The AudioLink cable allows you to control playlists on your iPod or iPhone using the steering wheel controls. It includes a 30-pin connector but is verified to work on iPhone 5 and newer using the Apple 30-pin to lightning adapter (not included). This version does include a video out to...
  9. F/S X-Carlink Aux Chord

    So, this works with the Apple 30 pin to lightening adapter, right? If so, PM me details so I can PayPal ya!
  10. Seat belts not retracting after headliner replacement

    Models / Trim
    Hi all, 2003 6i ATX... About six months ago I replaced my headliner myself but ever since then the seat belts have been very slow to retract. It's grown worse over time so I decided to play around and try to resolve the problem today. I took the trim piece that covers the belt off and the seat...
  11. 2006 mazdaspeed6 gt

    Do you have the factory rims with it?
  12. About to change the transmission on 2004 Mazda6 4-speed auto

    ATX Transmission Discussion
    Bump for J-Rod's update. &#55357;&#56842;
  13. 2003 6i - P0441 & P0455 engine code woes

    2.3L I-4
    Hi all, I had a check engine light a few months ago and I pulled a P0441. I actually found a hose going to my EVAP solenoid was dry-rotted. I replaced it and cleared the code and it stayed gone for a while... ironically until now, less than a month before I'm due for an emissions test (CEL =...
  14. Interior Shampooing

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    A few months after I bought my car I picked up some Dominos... they had a special deal on those little garlic bread bites, so I got a bag of those. Set it in the passenger seat because they smelled so good I had to pop a few on the way home, but when I got home I noticed that crap is so greasy...
  15. Driver side power window does nothing

    Electrical / HVAC
    I guess this thread's a month old now. Either of you gents find the cause of the problem?