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  • Nprguymc ·
    yeah i have considered selling it and getting a speed6 but the one i got means to much to me it was the first and he claims the last car he will ever buy new but i think once i'm out of the house he's gonna get a flex EITHER WAY i bought it just a few months ago it just has too much sentimental value to me thanks for the suggestions
    Nprguymc ·
    hey guy acording to your garage it seems to me like you know your way around a 6i i got a 04 that im planing on pimping out, you got any suggestions?
    i already know im getting the cylinders bored out to a 2.5L and throw a turbo off a junkyard speed6 on her , also im gonna cut a coil of the springs so its lower for better steering and airflow, got any suggestions for a faster 0-60 time?
    feelgood_7 ·
    Hi Jordan, sorry for the random PM but I see you are in Seattle and had a couple of questions. I have a 2005 Mazda 6s V6 and I am considering buying the 35W 5K HID Kit from DDM Tuning. Just the lows and not highs. I also want to match the integrated god light (next to the turn signal) to the HIDs. Questions:

    1. Do I need to but a HID kit for the integrated fogs or will LED bulbs do?
    2. Do you know of a good place in the Seattle area for installing HIDs?
    bigmeatmarv ·
    Hey I saw on a post that you said you could get rid of a CAI CEL with the right rubber washer I just wanted too know how to do it if you could tell me thanks.
    Echesanti ·
    well men thank you for the offer but i already bought a cold air intake and i just got a k&n filter, thank you anyway
    Jordan6i ·
    20 for the ebay short ram and ebay filter, or 45 for the ebay short ram and injen filter, each one of those options includes the hose and clamps. im not selling the cleaning kit.
    Jordan6i ·
    no its used, in near perfect condition, i have the cleaning kit and i clean it every 3 months. Its an extra one i have just laying around so i'd figure if you wanted to buy it ill sell it to ya.
    Jordan6i ·
    No, i will sell the injen filter tho since thats the only piece that you need to be good quality. like i said pipe is pipe its all good stuff especially if only air is going thru it.
    Jordan6i ·
    ya, i bought the ebay kit because the cold air piece from the injen intake kit was accidently thrown away, so i only bought it for the cold air fitting, still has the clamps and hose to attack it to the throttle body.
    Jordan6i ·
    It's the ebay one with just the short ram, no cold air fitting, since thats the only reason i bough it for. Its still quality piping and if it doesnt work out i still reccomend it since pipe is pipe...
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