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  • jim94610 ·
    was that Equilibrium Tuning in Fairfield, maybe? (just a guess, after some google’ing’)

    mr mazda in the south bay recommended motorsport techniques to me - they’re in hayward. they don’t really have any experience with the 6, but are happy to do any specific jobs (without making recommendations). that’s the closest i’ve got so far.

    if equilibrium was the one you are thinking of, i’ll give them a call.

    i replaced my tires. i would like to add a rear sway bar, lower/stiffer springs, and an ecu tune.
    1BlinkGone ·
    Hi Jim, thx for reaching out. You're a step ahead of us as you have the car and we don't ...yet. My only prior personal Mazda experience was with our former 2001 MilleniaS (fabulous car) over 10 years I'm not yet aware of any good Mazda shops in the Bay area. I did find one place in Fairfield that seems to be on the radar (can't recall the name at the moment), but they are more for aftermkt suspension, etc upgrades, and I don't think Mazda is their only target mkt.

    Will give you a shout if I find anything. How are you liking your new 6 so far? Thx!
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