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  1. Stupid mistake please help!? led in headlamp

    Hell, I lost like 2 or 3 bulbs in my first 6. I never bothered to fish them out. Too much of a pain in the ass. Unless you can see them from the outside, does it matter that much to take everything apart?
  2. Sirius Upgrade on Factory Radio

    Electrical / HVAC
    It sounds like you got just what you needed. Glad to hear that.
  3. Bye 2003 Mazda 6s

    Can't you get nearly the same fuel economy with the I-4 mtx fusion? And, please do not take that as a slam against your purchase. I want one of these hybrids myself!
  4. wtb.. stock speed 6 turbo

    Engine & Transmission
    Don't have one but have you also tried the Mazda 3 forums?
  5. $3000 off new 2009 mazda 6

    Future Models
    I got over $8500 off sticker on my 2008 CX-9 last year with no effort at all. It's easy to get those things at a steeply discounted price as they are just not really selling at all.
  6. wheels rubbing

    Newbie Section
    QUOTE (blk-out_6s @ Jul 28 2009, 11:06 PM) Yup, one person back there can do it. I had that happen with my first 6 when I had some 17x7 with 42 offset on 225/45/17 tires. I rarely had anyone in the back seat so it never bothered me. I would say it is unlikely there is a problem with your...
  7. Tire Recommendations

    Start here:;hl=mazdaspeed
  8. QUick whats the bolt pattern!!

    Wheels / Tires
    Well, to be honest, I would if I were you, read the stickies. There have been hundreds of posts on this by people far more knowledgeable than I. Buying new wheels and tires is an expensive proposition and one to do only after careful consideration. What you are proposing does, IIRC, seem...
  9. QUick whats the bolt pattern!!

    Wheels / Tires
    He's clearly got no time to read useless stickies!! lol :P 5x114.3 45 offset should likely work so long as you don't go with too wide/big wheel/tire combo and your car is not incredibly lowered. You may still experience some rubbing around hard corners and may have to roll your fenders.
  10. Sirius Upgrade on Factory Radio

    Electrical / HVAC
    Well, just get an el cheapo unit for now then and wait until have the $ available and comfortable on spending $600. That's what I've been doing for about a year with my CX-9.
  11. LED tails

    Models / Trim
    QUOTE (HighSpeed6 @ Jul 27 2009, 02:02 PM) That is a very good point. You will be so mad with yourself if you buy these and any of the LEDs fail. I know when I was the 'beta tester' for lack of a better word with the original car-led tails, I was so bummed when a few of the LEDs failed...
  12. FYI: new Impala SS vs. 09 6S

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    Well, I was ready to close this thread down b/c it seemed to be a racing thread, which I still believe is a no-no on here, but it seems this has instead evolved into a passionate, well-thought and heartfelt debate on whose subjective tastes are correct ;) ....far be it from me to close this...
  13. for the mods 2 *beating the dead horse thread*

    Jeez!!! If that's all it took.... and... Guys, I'm closing this down now. Just remember this: This is a community of Mazda 6 enthusiasts. We should focus on improving our board. One person may own this board but the members truly make it great.
  14. OEM Navigation in 03' Model

    In Car Electronics
    As someone who went down that path and made a sharp left turn mid-way, I will give you some friendly advice: you will spend way more $ than you will get in return. First, you will need more than just the monitor screen. To do the total 'factory' set up, you will need wiring harnesses, the...