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  1. We Are Live - Community Feedback

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    This "update" couldn't be any worse. It shouldn't be complicated to go on a car forum and try and figure out how to navigate through it. There are sticky's that haven't had a reply in several years. Duplication abounds. They layout is nothing but atrocious. Spell check = LOL It would take...
  2. Who else is really NOT liking this forum "upgrade"?

    When logging on every 3-4-5 days I would go to the latest posts column. That's now hidden at the bottom of one of the pages and only lists a couple of them. Trying to navigate to the most recent is next to impossible unless you have all day to surf around. Def not a fan.
  3. 2006 Mazda 6 - Won't shift passed 3rd gear. Please help.

    ATX Transmission Discussion
    p0766 - could be Low transmission fluid level Dirty transmission fluid Faulty shift solenoid D valve Shift solenoid D valve harness or connectors Shift solenoid D valve circuit is open or shorted p0715 - This error is from the "transmission module", it usually points to a bad speed sensor...
  4. My OV Tune review thread--2018 Mazda 6 GT 2.5 Turbo

    2.5L Turbo I-4
    Do you know how many more files until "you're good to go"?
  5. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    I'll be surprised if anyone likes the new layout. I guess this is what I get for complaining about the old one.
  6. GENUINE Mazda CarPlay+ AndroidAuto INSTALL Instructions All Here

    In Car Electronics
    I assume this means you can't update your original post?
  7. 2019 Mazda 6 - sudden onset of jerky acceleration

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    I think this is what's happening. The car learns your driving style in an attempt to maximize it. You threw it a curve ball and it was a swing and a miss. The tranny was caught off guard and needed a moment to figure out what was happening Just keep driving it the way you want, it will adapt...
  8. Which services should I have done for $300?

    Newbie Section
    Time wise, the brake fluid is due. I would have the fluid changed and brakes inspected and updated as needed. Have the battery checked. In the hotter climates a 4-5 yr. old battery is probably getting ready for replacement.
  9. A good dry flow air filter for '17 Touring?

    2.5L I-4
    IF I were to use an aftermarket dry filter replacement I'd probably go with the AFE. Mann makes a good filter as well. Personally I'm a big OEM guy when it comes to replacement filters. All the filters may look the same but most times are built to different specs. With the OEM filter you...
  10. Debating - Signature vs Accord Touring (CPO)

    Newbie Section
    What year(s) are you looking at? Assuming 2018? Bose - Did you get a chance to adjust the sound settings? Makes a huge difference. Insulation between GT and Sig. - Not positive but pretty sure they're the same. Sleepy - Did you put the trans in Sport Mode? Changes the shift points...
  11. New Member First Mazda

    Newbie Section
    I was wondering if, what the differences between the '18 and 19 were. If your car treats you as well as ours is treating us you will be very happy with your purchase for a long time. Welcome aboard.
  12. Community Software Update

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    Well.... I'm willing to go into this with an open mind and hopefulness. If navigating is improved then I'm all in. I'd assume that it's impossible to make everyone happy. The other forums I participate in all have their good and not so good points. Here's hoping for the best. :cheers...
  13. How many of you change ATF regularly?

    ATX Transmission Discussion
    Yup, that's what the owners manual says. :highfive: :laugh: .
  14. How many of you change ATF regularly?

    ATX Transmission Discussion
    Here's hoping you don't have any issues with your trans after your drain and fill but lets be honest, if there is a problem you're not going to come back here and say you had one especially if it's related to having been done incorrectly which would be easy to do. You don't know you haven't...
  15. How many of you change ATF regularly?

    ATX Transmission Discussion
    Do you think Dino oil is the same as a Full Synthetic oil? I wonder how many years and miles we have to wait until all these SkyActive trans start failing? Those that service the trans themselves will do more harm in most cases than leaving the trans alone. If you're going to service it...