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  1. Oem exhaust

    2.3L I-4
    Hey guys selling an oem exhaust from my 2007 mazda6i Had 55k miles on it when I took it off. Sent from Free App
  2. Msds header

    2.3L I-4
    I sold it all already. I got a mazdaspeed 3 I was trying to get a ms6 but couldn't find a good one
  3. Carbon fiber eyelids/brows

    Exterior Modifications
    Anyone interested in my carbon fiber eyelids? Up for sale. Trading my car. Also selling a balance shaft delete kit brand new never used for 2.3l model
  4. Msds header

    2.3L I-4
    Selling my Msds header only had it on for 3 thousand miles trading my car do no need for it. Willing to let go for $155 comes with two o2 sensor bungs. I also have o2 sensor simulator brand new I have never attempted to use it.
  5. Msds header

    2.3L I-4
    Hey dude I actually took the header out. I bought the simulator but did not want to attempt the install for I have no electrical knowledge. After I took it off and went back to oem, I've noticed a big difference. It feels slower and less responsive I didn't actually think that the header made...
  6. O2 simulator install

    Electrical / HVAC
  7. O2 simulator install

    Electrical / HVAC
    Hello guys. I've had my cel on for quite a while and recently bought an o2simulator. Anyone know how to wire it up or install it? I'll post pics of it soon but it was the dual universal o2simulator..
  8. Msds header

    2.3L I-4
    Yeah I'll get around to do the simulator this week hopefully, I was thinking of getting work meister s1 wheels.lowered on BC coils. It's a work in progress haha. :b I wanna see your ride dude.
  9. Mazda 6 eyelids

    Models / Trim
    Are the Valiant-style still around?
  10. Msds header

    2.3L I-4
    I haven't been on the forums as much so sorry for the late reply. I went ahead and bought the mini cat and sad to say but it did not work for me. As for the video or picture, i'll have to do that this week when I have time. I think I will go that route now lol. I'm focusing more on my fitment so...
  11. Msds header

    2.3L I-4
    Turns out the noise I've been hearing is my exhaust hitting the tow hitch in the back rightside of the car. The header did not reach my cat and I had to add a down pipe. Imma look into those because I need to pass emissions soon lol
  12. O2 simulators

    2.3L I-4
    Anyone know where to get o2 simulator for a 2007 mazda 6 2.3l ?
  13. o2 sensor placement after header install

    2.3L I-4
    Hey did you end up going through with it? I am having the same issue
  14. Msds header

    2.3L I-4
    I don't know how to post a vid, and I did get a cel I got p2270 code and the Msds header was not a direct fit like it says it is. I also been having knocking noises towards the back of my car. I might go back to stock soon.
  15. O2 sensor help

    2.3L I-4
    Hey guys I installed the Msds header and as I was going to add my second o2 sensor I noticed it was worn out, I can't tighten it anymore, I need to know what o2 sensor it is, is it downstream. Upstream? Idk any input would be helpful. I've also been hearing knocking towards the back of my car. I...