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  • Alexandru Petica ·
    Hi Mate,

    I have a question if you could help,

    I see you already have the smart rover head unit for Mazda 6,

    I have the Sport-Nav model that comes with Live services for TOM TOM.

    Do you know, does this new unit keep the functionality of the built in modem of the car ? or does it render inoperative ?. As at the moment the car has internet connection in order to get the traffic updates for the sat nav.


    hussamga ·
    Hey habaku not checking hia visitor messages and im new member cant reply to post or send private message i got unit to fit friday by moving the hazard light cable underneath original spot and getting bolt under smartrover head unit in. Tell him to read comments on his youtube videos
    Khai Teoh ·
    Hi bro, I am Khai Teoh, mazda 6 GJ onwer too... I saw your car fitting with BMW X5 LED Fog. May i know is it fit nicely on our mazda 6? and how u mounting it on the fog cover? Thanks..
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