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  • bajgainp ·
    I saw your posts and a thread back from 2013 on replacing water pump and doing a T-bypass. I am going through the exact situation OP mentioned in this thread (

    In short, my car (05, V6 5-spd hatch) overheated while I was driving and found that the small end of the T had snapped off. I replaced the T and added coolant to the tank but it doesn't flow (level and temp don't change) and the engine overheats. Do you know if the direction the T-fitting is put on matters? Someone mentioned about the direction in that I'm wondering if it's just that or if there's a bigger problem that led to the failure of the T-fitting.

    Thanks a lot!
    Tattooman318 ·
    Bought a 2014 m6 GT. 13,000 miles. I had it 3 weeks and I got the windows tinted. After he tinted and cleaned up
    The car died and after cranking the SCBS sensor warning light stays lite up. It's a orange triangle with ! I'm middle. Says scbs inspection required. Does anyone know how to fix this without going to dealership thank u
    Timmy2xx ·
    P0443 - Evaporative Emission Control System Purge Control Valve Circuit

    P0304 Code - Cylinder #4 Misfire

    P1487 - EGR boost sensor Solenoid valve circuit malfunction ON 2 CCM

    P0117 - ECT Circuit Malfunction

    P2227 - EGR boost sensor circuit performance problem ON 2 CCM

    $2100, is it worth it? ANy insight asap would be greatly appreciated
    Habenero_r3d ·
    Hi, my girlfriends car is suffering from what you called a broken T syndrome. Lol. Do you know what that piece of shit part is called so I can replace it? I was thinking that it may be the bypass valve but I just want to be sure. Please get back to me asap. Thanks!
    army84 ·
    hey Final, got a couple questions for you. I'm kind of new to this site and having difficulty navigating around here. Question one, how do i post a question for other viewers to comment on and give their advice? Question 2, i own a 07 M6 V6 and my drivers side front inner fender well came off while i was driving. It got totally destroyed from being ran over. Is the MS6 and Mazda6 inner fender skirt the same? I found one but it says its for the turbo model (MS6) but the pics look identical. I need all the help i can get. thanks, Army 84
    Rockinbluesron ·
    Hey Dude, looks like you are in Portland? My Home Town. Was there for Christmas week, then back to Medford where I moved 6 years back.
    Love Portland, but not all the traffic around the place.
    Nice Ride. Love the Color of course. Looks like some nice mods done.
    Will shoot over some shots of my Lapis 2004i Sport.
    Final Impact ·
    If you have a 6s FSM I'll be your friend! :) haha - Seriously, PM me or drop a note about any US Mazda 6 FSM!
    Would love those specific to the "s" aka V6/GS HB! Thanks!
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