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  1. 2014 GT w/ Gram Lights 57FXX

    Wheels / Tires
    Definitely worth the wait! They look great.
  2. Cleaning Cloth Seats?

    Models / Trim
    I've pretty much given up on removing lint, the only thing I use now is the 3M lint remover sheets. I rip them off individually and use my hand to flatten it on the surface, then pull it off. If that doesn't work...that area is SOL since that's about the same as using shipping tape.
  3. So 2 years later how are people with Injen intake doing?

    Engine / Drivetrain
    I'd love to know as well >_<
  4. 3rd Gen Detailing/Car Care Thread!

    Just so you know, if your chemicals freeze, many of them just need to be agitated for 2-3 minutes and they'll be usable again. The separation may not go away with a few shakes but 2-3 minutes of shaking should do it. Now that won't work for 50% of chemicals, but at least you may be able to...
  5. 3rd Gen Detailing/Car Care Thread!

    Absolutely! Question is, are you going to be doing a full correction, or do you just want it to be nice and clean? If you want to go for the slick look and smooth feel (and do it right), you should do: -Full Rinse with Power Washer (paint and as much of the undercarriage as you can, to remove...
  6. Most Beautiful 6 Ever!

    Great video, beautiful car. Nice job on the mods.
  7. '14 Nav/Radio/Head Unit Petition for S/W Update!

    Electrical / HVAC
    My fault, I looked and don't see it either. Guess I remembered wrong. Only way to disable it is the "Don't Disturb me" option in the settings, but that disables pop-ups for phone calls as well.
  8. '14 Nav/Radio/Head Unit Petition for S/W Update!

    Electrical / HVAC
    You can turn that option off (text message popup) in the settings of the head unit I believe!
  9. Loud Cracking In Roof Panels

    Thanks for the source and info again, appreciate it. I'll definitely ask my new service dealer about it and see if they'll do it. If not, I'll follow the DIY in that post!
  10. Loud Cracking In Roof Panels

    @badself To the rescue with the exact answer we needed! Thanks for that. Where did you hear about the possible TSB for the car?
  11. 15 Mazda 6 'new car prep'

    Show and Shine
    That's a nice detailing space you have there! And an orange pad shouldn't mar the paint at all, unless you didn't have enough product on the pad. Nice car though! PS I'd kill for that polisher :grin2:
  12. Phone Capatability and downloading messages

    I've had issues downloading messages with all of my phones. It's the car pretty much being bipolar on what to sync with. Some days my messages work, some days they don't.
  13. Loud Cracking In Roof Panels

    I have that same "cracking" sound, especially when temps go below freezing in NY. It's happened since I owned the car, and it's definitely concern worthy but I haven't experienced any issues related to it. Someone at one point on the forums said it had to do with a missing clip (or something)...
  14. About to click over to 35K miles.. MPG is craptastic...

    2.5L I-4
    I'm kind of in line with everyone in this thread. I used to hit 40MPG in the first year of ownership on long road trips, and it's been all downhill from there. My current average MPG is around 25MPG, usually 75% city. On the highway MPG numbers get up to 35 or so but never stay there unless...
  15. Mazda Recall #: 8014J - TPMS Noncompliance

    Hey there again! The M3 has two engine trims, a lower base engine and then the same engine in the 6. Which radio did the car have, a black and white LCD or a full color display? That may point to which engine the car had :) Staying on topic, your issues are scaring me...while my TPMS doesn't...