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  • sexyblack ·
    yea i forgot i had not updated pics after the awful gray foglights were plastidipped...but they def were and i even did a little thread for other first timers, it was pretty fun ha. But thanks and i agree, the wheels are pretty sexy! haha.
    Mr.Smoke ·
    Well thank you kindly. I almost bought a speed & still regret it to this day but am very happy with my 6.
    h.egnaidi ·
    steering wheel piece that covers the air bag
    if you find it help me too cuz i have the same problem

    Need help searching for a specific part.
    Does anyone know where i can buy the steering wheel piece that covers the air bag (where the (}) emblem goes) i had a an accident awail ago where i removed it to paint it black, and while it was drying outside my dog decided to chew it up. so yeah im looking to buy it new. ive searched around and found nothing. thanks for the help.
    -tinted windows
    -K&N intake
    -Blacked out Grill, Rear piece, Window trim and emblems.
    -side stripes similar to the Grand Sport corvette
    -black/chrome 18'' rims (in future)
    -tinted head and tail lights (in future)
    -Purchase full interior pattern and install them (in future)
    pennskee89 ·
    Thanks man! I've been thinking about doing a K&N CAI at some point, but I have to work up the money, time, and guts. :) I was going to get the windows tinted, but I'm moving to Iowa and the tint laws suck there. Also, when I get the money I want to put on a Magnaflow cat-back system. Other than that, I can't do too much to the engine since it's an automatic.
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