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  • RacerCG ·
    Hi, chutoyy! I'm inspired by your how-to on replacing the instrument panel LEDs on the 2014 Mazda 6. You mentioned soldering in the write-up. Does that mean it's not an unplug-and-replace operation once you've got the PCB out? Does it involve cutting wires or un-soldering the LEDs? I've been looking at LEDs on Amazon, and some kits make it sound like the LEDs are in sockets so you can just pop out the old and screw in the new ones. Hoping it's actually that easy LOL!

    My hope is to replace the white IP and dash lighting LEDs with red LEDs. I really liked the previous-gen 6's dash and instrument cluster lighting.

    Thanks in advance for any tips, part numbers, or anything else you can remember from that old post. :)

    jcalderonaponte ·

    Are you placing orders from the 1.Tuning.Ru website? I was looking to order the custom grille for the Gen 3 Mazda 6. The one which does not have a Mazda emblem. I was skeptical about placing a moneygram or western union type of payment. Please let me know how it would work. Do I order it from you?
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