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  1. FS: 2004 Mazda 6 GS-V6 (White/ATX) with mods

    I haven't posted here in a long long time. But its finally time to change cars. Its got 148K kms (about 92k miles) right now Its 2004 White GS-V6 ATX transmission with Black/Grey Cloth Interior Its got the GFX package (Moonroof, Sideskirts, Bose Sound System, etc.) Have been using Mobil-1 5W20...
  2. Replacing Cpe Cai Air Filter

    Engine / Drivetrain
    The AFE looks like the choice to go with. My filter is actually deformed.... If I could show you, I would ;p Thx Guys
  3. Replacing Cpe Cai Air Filter

    Engine / Drivetrain
    My filter is pretty shot up right now. Any recommendations on a decent replacement filter for the CPE?
  4. Pre-Exams

    Toronto Mazda6 Club
    interesting, i'm not the only com sci student here? however... i'm done after this term!!!!
  5. Removing BONDO from my bumper

    Show and Shine
    I have a pretty big patch of black bondo stuck to my bumper right now, just wondering what I could apply to it to help me remove it. I've been told to sand it off, but I don't exactly feel safe doing that without damaging the paint. Any ideas?
  6. CEL came on when fuel light came on

    Engine / Drivetrain
    I dunno if anyone else has experienced this but my CEL came on a couple days ago the same time my fuel light came on. Its very weird because as soon as I refueled, the light went away. Never happened to me before. I have this theory that it could be because the engine wasn't getting enough...
  7. Tokico Shocks

    Revolution Performance Motorsports (RPM)
    I just had mine installed about 3 weeks ago and so far the ride quality has been good. Noticably stiffer. The place I got them installed told me I don't really need an alignment after installation. I still have yet to check my alignment. What do you guys think?
  8. Tokico Shocks

    Revolution Performance Motorsports (RPM)
    How much would the entire set cost shipped to Canada postal code L3S4A3
  9. KONI is BACK
    Quote me on total shipped to Postal Code L3S 4A3 in Canada via USPS
  10. Koni Suspension
    plz tell me they will be in soon!
  11. Koni Suspension
    Its July!! Any news on if they are coming in?
  12. Squealing at low speeds

    Suspension / Brakes
    I'm at about 81000 km's (not sure what that is in miles). Dunno if its still covered under warrenty hehe
  13. Squealing at low speeds

    Suspension / Brakes
    My car is making high-pitched squealing noises at low speeds and goes away either when I brake to a full stop or when I reach above 30-40 km/h. As the speed picks up, the noise you can hear goes in rhythmic pattern with the tires spinning. Now I do hear squealing when I apply brakes too...
  14. A lot more modded 6's around in the GTA

    Toronto Mazda6 Club
    Is it just my luck or am i noticing a lot more modded 6's around in the GTA (excluding ppl from the this club). And a lot of them I notice are Azn. We need to make them aware of this forum, and then maybe it will become more lively in here.
  15. Another Show and Shine Topic

    Toronto Mazda6 Club
    Oh man, thats a lotta work... Knowing me, i'd just pay someone to do it haha