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  1. Shock Absorbers

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    Glad you got a second opinion and they were willing to show you for yourself what everything looked like. They're absolutely right that, if the shock had blown, you'd see the oil and/or dirt it collects all over the shock and many of the components around it. Meineke guy is also on the money...
  2. Shock Absorbers

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    Tell 'em some random strangers on the internet know better than they do and they ought to listen XD
  3. Shock Absorbers

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    Sorry, you're absolutely right since I didn't explain it well. You get what you pay for, but the dealership up-charges for their parts and labor. What costs $800 for a dealership to do would certainly not be the same quality you could get by spending the same money going elsewhere, and...
  4. Mazda 6 rims

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    Sure you can, but make sure you get the right sized tires :)
  5. Brand New 2018, Steering feels.. heavy?

    Tighter, sure, but more feedback absolutely not. This steering does way too much to "help" a driver and ends up feeling like you're in LESS control at times and very floaty. Don't like it but there's nothing that can change it.
  6. TPMS light coming on for no reason

    Electrical / HVAC
    Sorry, I have to:
  7. TPMS light coming on for no reason

    Electrical / HVAC
    What he said. A mandated alteration to an otherwise perfectly working system bothers me to no end. Air pressure changes drastically with temperature changes and it's not uncommon to see many places have swings of 20 or more degrees in a single day. Heck, it was 60 degrees yesterday and 12 this...
  8. TPMS light coming on for no reason

    Electrical / HVAC
    Eventually that will go away. I swap all 4s for winter every year and it usually complains randomly for about a month (depending on the temperature swings) before it finally gets over itself. I also had slightly different sizes between the sets, so I'm sure that didn't help. Just keep...
  9. Shock Absorbers

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    Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your car - You'll be fine getting shocks from just about anywhere but remember 2 things: 1) You get what you pay for. 2) We call them "stealerships" for a reason. Personally, I'd go aftermarket and get some slight upgrades for about the same price as...
  10. Older OEM rims on 2014 Mazda 6

    Wheels / Tires
    You're good - just make sure you get tires with larger sidewalls to make up the difference in diameter. OEM tire size for the 17 inch rims is 225/55/R17 - Use this to double check what size you'll need:
  11. What is the best year Mazda6 to buy

    Mazda 6 3rd Generation (2013-Present)
    Coming from someone who still loves his 2014, I'd go 2016 or 2017. I love the original 2014 design and don't like the subtle changes they've made, but the overall quality of the vehicle (road noise, comfort, etc) has definitely gone up, and you wouldn't be paying top dollar for the newest ones.
  12. TPMS light coming on for no reason

    Electrical / HVAC
    The TPMS was actually quite good for a long while, until a government-issued update was forced onto any 6 that went through a stealership's doors. The update made the system completely unreliable and more-often-than-not cry wolf.
  13. Mazda 6 Antenna

    Hey Gelli, sorry but I don't remember anything about that system. It's possible @DrFeelGood or @GerryB or @waughoo know more about it.
  14. So I've Encountered a Few Defective OEM Oil Filters...

    2.5L I-4
    But have you had the issue while using 0w20 or not? That's my point, and is definitely a relevant piece of information that we should know before trying to diagnose your problem. Normally I'd say to check your intake, MAF, throttle body, plugs, etc, but having known that you've been messing...
  15. Cupped snow tires?

    Wheels / Tires
    ^^ What he said. Tires age with and without use, particularly in areas prone to large temperature swings. Also, Yokohama W Drive ZPS or V905? The V905 appear more directional in the photos I've than the ZPS.