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  • Final Impact ·
    Thanks for the Sticky in the V6 column! I just got tired of writing the same stuff over and over so I began a list of common issues in one thread. Great Job keeping tabs on everyone!
    dieter11 ·
    Hey man, i posted a thread about HID help.. i just cant figure out where this one wire goes.. think you can look at my thread and tell me? Im using standard housing, not the acura one like veryone seems to be doing. if you could, thatd be great. thanks man
    michmw ·
    Hi Byakuya - I'm in the process of buying a 2014 Mazda 6 and as a fellow Massachusetts driver was interested in how your car did in the snow this winter? Did you have snow tires or just the tires that came with the car. Thank you
    TheBlur ·
    Hey there Byakuya, Not sure if you have the capabilities to do this but is it possible to at a 3rd gen category for the "Visual/Audio" Forums. We have 1st and 2nd gen in there and i got something fun to post up for the 3rd gen's
    bouzinea ·
    IDK much about the wiring in the Headlights and needed help real urgent. I got a mazda 6 the previous owner installed aftermarket oe headlights and when I wanted to put bulbs in they didnt work. I read online that only the positive wire in mazda goes to the bulb and the negative is grounded. Do I need to remove the black wire from behind the socket and only leave the red wire to touvh the bulb and ground the other anywhere on the car? Or leave them both and ground the black through another way?
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