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  • Elton Poh ·
    Hi Ben,

    Nice gauge pods you have there. I am looking for a RHD Single Vent Pod for my 07 Mazda6 2.3. Fitting in a 52mm Innovate MTX-L Wideband gauge.

    Do you have one ready made? I need you to quote me with shipping to Malaysia via two methods :

    Normal USPS
    Fedex GXG(which is also sent at the usps office)

    PAyment can be made via paypal.


    06ms ·
    PART 1
    Hey man I bought an MS6 over the summer and i've been on various forums looking up random stuff about the car and of course problems that I have ran into with the car. Since the summer when i've been doing this i've ran into your name so many times and I noticed that you usually know wtf you're talking about. So today I was searching for a problem with my car and I came across your name again and thought, fuck it, I'll just make a profile and send you a message and maybe you'll know what to do about my little problem i'm having.

    6 part message....sorry
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