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  • mazda6916 ·
    Hi Akira, I don't know if I missed it, but do you have any front shots of the car with the new wheels, curious how much the et 30 sticks out. Thanks in advance and great job on the looks of the car.
    zoombyu ·
    hey! i see you have the most aggressive wheels and tires. i just blew my tires on my stockers after bending them twice so its time to get new wheels i suppose. used to run stance on my old mazdaspeed3 but looking for something similar to your size. maybe even 20s. Do you have any clear pics of them mounted? I used to have the varrstoen Es 1.1.1 and loved them. I wish they made them in the specs I want. If you could email me and Side shots of your car and some good camber angles it would be greatly appreciated! [email protected]
    ForzaEsEs26 ·
    Haha that is funny :D I tried to get her to get the white CX-5 as I think it looks better but after driving her white Civic for 3 years she had enough I guess, now she regrets it.
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